The holidays are here (woohoo!) and it’s time to decorate all our favorite spaces, so here a few of our favorite quick, simple, clean fresh modern holiday decor tips to help give your special spaces a little touch of wintery magic!

G I F T  W R A P P I N G 

For a clean fresh modern cozy style, add a single pine cone or fresh cedar stem to your gift wrapping. Tie packages with raw linen strips, cotton ribbon, or twine. To give a cohesive look to your whole décor, coordinate the gift wrapping details to your table-scape!


C O N T I N U I T Y  A N D  C O L O R  S C H E M E 

When taking a “less is more” minimal approach to holiday decor, make sure to keep your color scheme clean and consistent throughout your decor. For a clean fresh modern look, we use white candles in clear glass. For visual interest (and for the collectors at heart), we suggest all clear glass, but mix it up in size and shape! Use assorted greens for dynamic contrast. Keep greens fresh and in the same proportion for a full and elegant display.  Tip:  Many Christmas tree lots will allow you to collect and take the various tree clippings for free, and will keep displays looking and smelling fresh for weeks!

B R I G H T  D A Y  L I G H T  A D D S  A  W I N T E R Y  R O M A N C E 

Place a small table or writing desk next to a bright window and group 3 to 5 mini pine trees with gifts. Display with a collection of assorted white candles in clear glass, and stacks of holiday books for inspiration.

S I M P L E  K I T C H E N  T O U C H E S

Adding simple fresh stems of pine can give your kitchen counter tops a cozy wintery feeling! Lace fresh stems in between canisters for a clean fresh modern touch of holiday, and fresh mini Christmas trees look perfect in white ceramic crocks!

T A B L E  T O P 

When thinking about your everyday holiday table settings, start with some basic year-round pieces. A large natural grain rustic charger will ground your entire decor theme. For a clean fresh modern farmhouse style, layer with simple white pantry pieces. Once you have the basics, all you need to change from theme to theme is the napkin details!

From our team to yours, we wish you holiday magic and loads of love!

H A P P Y    H O L I D A Y S ! ! ! 

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