Call it kismet, call it serendipity, call it a spiritual prodding – from the moment I happened on the Four Point Design Build website, I just knew Laura and Cliff Muller were meant to build my dream space for dancers.  I filled out the initial contact form on the website and twenty minutes later I was speaking to Laura herself, a former dancer and actress, and the deal was sealed.  Our souls immediately understood each other.  Laura interpreted the essence of my business within each design element.  Great detail and thought went into the form and functionality of the space.  Laura and Cliff were even able to figure out and come up with clever solutions for some of my unusual requests like having a space that could expand and contract with rehearsal sizes.  When you allow someone into your dream and trust them with your vision, and in my case life’s savings, you have to have an incredible amount of trust in them.  Throughout the project Laura and Cliff had the utmost integrity as they helped me navigate budget without sacrificing quality.  When unforeseen hiccups, and sometimes more complicated circumstances outside of any of our control occurred – hey, let’s be honest, it can and does happen – they fought for the project and protected my interests as though I were family.  Now that I’m working with thousands of dancers each week in the most gorgeous dance space I could have ever imagined, I’m so incredibly grateful for the positive impact they’ve had on my life, business, and community.

Jodi Shilling
Releve Studios, Owner and Director
Commercial Tenant Improvement, Private Academy for the Performing Arts

HAT’S OFF TO YOU, LAURA! I brought the ladies into the kitchen with eyes closed.  Eight of them. When they opened their eyes it was a collective SCREAM, and OH MY GOD, and THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I had my phone in hand to capture that moment but it’s in my mind.  Slowly purging and putting things back.  It’s the kitchen I wanted and it enhances our home beautifully.  HUGE THANKS TO YOU AND CLIFF!!!

Nita Whitaker La Fontaine
Kitchen Remodel

Cliff Muller was undoubtedly the best person we hired during the construction of our home!  We had a terrible experience with a contractor who attempted multiple times to receive payment prior to completing the work, using sub-par sub-contractors to do work that was beyond their scope and abilities, and would often not show up to the job site at all.  Mr. Muller did a comprehensive work-up of the situation and kept our contractor accountable.  He was intent on getting the project done with as little hassle to the owners as possible.  He not only made sure that payments were made according to the work being completed, but also made sure that the work was being done correctly.  In instances when our contractor refused to complete the work as contracted, Mr. Muller even helped us find other highly qualified sub-contractors to help get the job done in a professional and timely manner.  We highly recommend Mr. Muller to anyone who is going through construction and wants peace of mind.  He was wonderful!

Sharon S.
Homeowner, Bel Air, CA
Residential Construction Project Management and Mediation

Working with Laura and Cliff was one of the best decisions we made for our house. Remodels can be stressful, but the team at Four Point held our hand the entire way. They helped us thoroughly work through the budget, design, details and contingencies so that whenever the remodel threw things our way, there was already a plan for it. That in itself removed much of the stress. The other thing that helped was knowing that everything was going to get done and it was going to get done right. We had complete access to the schedule and Cliff and Laura were very transparent about what was going on at all times. When we actually came back to our house after a bulk of the work was done, seeing the craftsmanship and care and detail that went into the work made everything worth it. They have a great team of people around them that they trust and know what kind of work is expected from them and they deliver! But if there was something we didn’t like or were unsure about, I felt like I could always call Laura or Cliff and discuss it. Overall, I can’t say enough about our great experience with Laura and Cliff. We are so thankful to have had them to walk us through this stressful event. They turned our house into a home; a home that is specifically tailored to our needs, crafted with the utmost care and everything we wanted.

The Sullivans
Kitchen and Bath Design and Remodel

“We wanted to make the home our own, but having zero experience we knew we needed help. We came across Four Point’s portfolio and knew instantly that they were the one for us—our reaction to every project of theirs was ‘wow, we love that’! Cliff and Laura so completely understood our vision that by the end of the renovation we didn’t even have to look at multiple samples or concepts, because the first one they presented was always perfect. They were so honest and amazing at telling us ‘hey this is where you can save money and this is where you should spend a little more’. I can’t imagine THAT type of integrity being common among many contractors and designers. From our visits to Home Depot, to rug shopping in the La Cienega Design District, they remained steadfast, informative, patient, and supportive while we explored every single item we purchased! When we first saw the house on reveal day, there was an overwhelming sense of emotion, gratitude, and excitement. We can’t believe we did it and we can’t believe we get to live here!

A. Reisman
Complete Home Remodel and Expansion

“Dear Laura, Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for our beautiful new home! I absolutely LOVE my room – It feels like a reflection of me and it is so cozy and so amazing.  I know it wasn’t easy to have to only communicate with me thru internet and email while I was halfway across the country, but you made it so easy and made it work! Thank you again…Much LOVE.” 

Maddie Tudor
Century City Townhouse Remodel

“Laura, we LOVE your energy. You are an absolute joy to work with! We can’t thank you enough for your time, positive attitude, and enthusiasm for our project. We can’t wait to see your designs come to life and the response from the families who will have the privilege to enjoy these spaces!” 

Osvaldo Garcia, Project Manager, Real Estate Development Department
East LA Community Corporation
Pro-Bono Heart Project with ASID Los Angeles, Interior Design and Upgrades for Community Center

“Four Point Design Inc. is an extremely well run, attentive, and easy to work with TEAM. They have your complete interest as their top priority and are very knowledgeable and professional in their communication with you, as well as with your insurance company if you have a claim.  Together, with the expertise of Cliff and Laura Muller and with Rachel Scott as their right- hand member of the team, Four Point is an EXCELLENT choice for all your design and construction needs!”

Marsha + Fred Wolinsky

“With sincere appreciation, gratitude, and much love to the whole DREAM TEAM…Thank you for building me a brand new house.  It means the world to  me!”

Henny Naumann-Cain

“Cliff’s impeccable knowledge of the building trades and the uniform building codes is no doubt the reason the buildings at 932 and 914 Broadway, Santa Monica is as beautiful as they are. Cliff is clearly an asset to Broadway West and I am sure he will be a contributing factor to its success in the future. Again many thanks and keep up the excellent work.” 

AJ Adrangna
Manager District 5, Business Services Division, Employment Development Department

“Immediately the tone and atmosphere on the job-site changed from confusion, chaos and incompetence, to control, calm and progress. Cliff was able to coordinate the construction and lend his experience and expertise so that some of our previously lost time was made up. His follow-through on important details and an ability to roll with the daily punches of construction, come up with solutions, and all the time keeping the job moving. In Addition, he has highly developed human skills and recognizes the needs of a concerned owner allowing me to relax and get on with our leasing program while he was in control of the job. A more honest and sincere person would be hard to find.” 

Mitchell Weiss
Weiss Development

“This project is a 1,200 square foot addition to an existing post and beam residence on a severe hillside site in Sherman Oaks, California. Cliff Muller and his staff are a reliable, dependable group of people. They understand the needs of the client and the architect, and care a great deal about the process of building. Throughout the entire design build process Cliff has been very helpful in offering alternatives to keep the job within the budget. I am looking forward to the completion of this residence and working with him on other projects in the future.” 

Patrick Tighe
Tighe Architecture

“Laura and Cliff at Four Point Design and Construction are absolutely wonderful to work with. Baracoa Lounge is our first restaurant and we had a very tight budget, and when I say tight budget I mean very small, but Laura and Cliff believed in us and our dream and worked with us with great passion and faith. They treated us like we were worth a million bucks. They really listened to what we wanted and really brought our ideas to life. Now that I think back we were pretty demanding, but Laura and Cliff were very gracious with us and met huge challenges head on. We will be forever grateful to Laura and Cliff because they were a huge part (if not the biggest part) in making our dream a reality. We will definitely work with them in our future ventures and dreams. I really believe they were heaven sent and a huge blessing for us. I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed. They are both very kind as people and the highest caliber of excellence as professionals. Thank you Laura and Cliff!! Love you guys!! You know you always have a free meal at our place!”

Antony Castro
Baracoa Lounge

“Thank you Laura! This year’s Met Lofts Designer Showcase was incredibly successful and we are truly grateful for your leadership!  DWELL is so fortunate to work with FOUR POINT DESIGN BUILD and look forward to working with you in the future!”

The DWELL Media Team

“Laura and Cliff consistently approached every project detail with the highest level of professional ethics and personal integrity. When representing our company, whether on or off the job site, their presence, expertise, and advocacy was articulate and focused. When it came to creating and maintaining schedules, budget, and revisions, Laura and Cliff maintained project leadership with optimism, flexibility, and reassurance throughout the entire project, in all phases, from concept to turnkey. My staff and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them both and look forward to working with them again in the future!” 

Mohammad Salemi
Executive Director, RxChange Co.

“From day one, Laura was professional, yet warm and personal in her interactions; she was focused yet enthusiastic and remained energetic about the project to completion. Laura listened to our needs and wants, and was able to translate them into a cohesive and cost conscious design for our space. She has exceptional follow through and I never worried that the job would not be completed on schedule. She has an uncanny ability to imagine an existing space and transform it into a comfortable, beautiful, and highly functional area that many people now enjoy!”  

Barbara Bloom
L.C.S.W., COO Step Up on Second Street, Inc.

 “Thank you for your continual effort in providing the comprehensive cost analysis of this project. We would like to acknowledge how diligent you and your staff have been through it all. You have carried through the analysis with a great degree of professionalism and rigor. You and your staff have been courteous and attentive at every contact.” 

Annie Chu
Chu + Gooding Architects

“Thank you Laura for your tremendous contribution of professional services to World Vision. Your gift of well over 380 hours in support of our efforts to partner with the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation (MSOF) were deeply appreciated. Your clear and vivid design of the beautiful new MSOF’s campus on six acres of Obama Family Land in Kogelo, Kenya (which includes the complete concept development and design; construction consulting and drawings; renderings and final presentation of a new campus early childhood development center, primary and secondary schools, gym, sports field, amphitheater, staff and student dormitories, and a full campus medical clinic) was impressive and your unique style of encouraging a creative team flow was inspiring. We wish to convey in particular our most heartfelt respect and gratitude for your professional communication and sensitivity when collaborating with the program partners which include; World Vision Kenya, International and USA; The Obama administration and Obama family; The President and Prime Minister of Kenya; along with the Ministers of health, Education, water and Electricity; Marset Onyango and of course mama Sarah Onyango Obama herself. It has been a privilege to partner with you in serving others in the name of Jesus – the Master of the vineyard, and together we are beating lasting fruit!” 

Christopher J. Glynn
Sr. VP, Transformational Engagement, World Vision US

“We commissioned Four Point to redesign and remodel our newly purchased 80’s townhouse in Century City.  Laura and Cliff really listened carefully to each of our personal needs and wants and integrated them into one cohesive space. Laura was able to envision, develop, and execute an incredibly sensitive design plan for our entire home.  Laura and her team advised on sensible, affordable solutions and improvements, but still delivered the creativity and tastefulness that we sought for our home.  Laura and Cliff are knowledgeable, experienced and professional.  It was a joy to work with the team and we highly recommend them!”

Deb Tudor

“Laura is a talented, charming and creative Designer. Not only can she Design, but she can often build what she has created! Her designs are fit each individual client’s style, budget, and lifestyle. Every project I have seen is personal and reflects her wonderful taste and the desires of her client. She is a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with her for many years to come. She is meticulous and involved in each project to make sure it fulfills her and her client’s vision…Exactly what every client wishes for in a Designer!” 

Kay Wade
Designer, Closet Factory

“What attracted us to Laura was her dynamic use of color, and her appreciation for the style and period of one of her historic restoration projects we visited as we embarked on the major reconstruction, expansion, and restoration of our own 5 bdrm 5 bath 1928 Spanish-Revival home. From day one, we relied heavily on Laura’s expertise and knowledge for all interior and exterior design and construction decisions. Laura provided us with guidance and support throughout the entire project saving us from making costly mistakes. Her communication skills, as well as her detailed design drawings and articulation of our vision, was masterful. Her space planning provided us with high function, while retaining the historic period and an aesthetic elegance. Her selection of furniture, fabrics and trims, specialized paint finishes and application created a cohesive and sophisticated feeling throughout the house. We wanted to be actively involved in each decision made on the house, and Laura welcomed our participation. She listened to our input and was very sensitive toward our budget concerns. Laura was always respectful of our finances and provided less expensive alternatives when our budget did not permit. We never felt judged by Laura when we needed to spend less, or when we needed to wait until we had more funds to continue our purchasing. Laura has incredible integrity. Her willingness to be direct and honest is not only a testament to her level of professionalism, but o her personal character as well. Laura is also a color genius, but what we love best about her design skills is that our home (and our two professional medical office spaces which she has also designed) are a true reflection of us. She incorporated our treasures that we have collected over time from around the world,and helped us create a space that we LOVE! Laura is a consummate professional, and now years later, a dear friend!” 

Michelle Moon
Residential Restoration and Expansion

“Brilliant design and flawless execution.  I completely remodeled my 5 bedroom and added a dreamy courtyard. My family was able to live inside the house while it was torn down and built up again.  Amazing experience. Hiring this husband and wife team took all pressure off me and enabled my family to have a life during the process.  4 point created a contemporary, yet extremely cozy home for us.  From first conversation to final decorating, close communication and excellent listening skills were most definitely the key to the gorgeous end result.  In all , 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and the kitchen was redone from the ground up. We also added a beautiful new dining room and a multipurpose space that experiences frequent use as photography and dance studio. All floors, some windows and doors were replaced. My inefficient air conditioning system had to be redesigned and then replaced with an energy efficient zone unit.  My new courtyard is home to a vegetable and flower garden and serves as my new little, peaceful sanctuary. From the initial cost projection , throughout the planning process and seamless execution, this team did not miss a beat, was always mindful to safe costs and delivered a result that was nothing short of a miracle.”

Henny Naumann-Cain
Residential Homeow

“You are awarded the HERO HONOR for stepping in, bringing your team, and saving our final loft from failure.  THANK YOU for making it happen for Met Lofts!  We couldn’t have done it without you!  Thank you for all of the work for the entire project and staying with us through it all!”

Felicia Goodison
Director of Marketing Operations, LA Properties, Klein Financial Corp

“We have now worked with Laura on a few home design projects. I first met Laura a few years ago while helping my in-laws with their kitchen renovation. Laura provided color consultation for that project and while there, gave us some budget-friendly ideas that we used in the project, that were very impactful in the design. When my husband and I purchased a new home, we wanted to paint, change the lighting and furnish our new home. Laura is a definitive expert on color selection (Pantone should hire her!), and she helped us choose the perfect neutral for our home. I sincerely appreciated Laura’s guidance, patience and enthusiasm as we chose fabrics (for the window treatments, custom sectional, and custom barstools), paint, lighting and more. Laura understands and gets to know her clients and really incorporates their preferences into the design. She was also very aware of the fact that a young family will be living in this space, and so her suggestions on everything from fabric to design really accounted for the fact that young children would be running around the house and sitting with sticky fingers on the furniture. The custom furniture is spectacular… Laura has a gift. She incorporated my desire for a formal-feeling in a sectional with my husband’s desire for comfort and depth and the sofa is perfect for the space. Laura oversaw every detail of the fabrication process on our window treatments and furniture, and was on site to ensure that everything was installed to perfection. She cares deeply about making her clients happy. I have recently engaged Laura again as a design consultant on a major backyard project we are working on… Laura is helping with selection of all materials, colors, furniture and lighting. Having Laura on my projects gives me great comfort, as I know every decision will be the right one, and the end result will be beautiful.”

Michelle and Steve Price
Residential Home Owners

“Recently, we completed a custom garden gate and garage door project for one of Four Point Design’s clients. Working with Laura Schwartz was a truly a pleasure and her expertise in design and quality are evident in her work. It is not often that you come across such talented designers who truly care about their work and overall client’s satisfaction. Because of this attention to detail and quality, our working relationship was a perfect match!  The end result of the custom garage door garden gate portion of the project was phenomenal. The client was thrilled and it was all due to to the professional and well-organized execution of the entire project. We look forward to working on additional projects with Laura and more specifically with Four Point Design!  We highly recommend this design and construction firm to homeowners looking to renovate their home with a richly talented company as Four Point Design is. Thank you for making this a successful project and giving our custom work a proud home.”

Scott Stevens
Dynamic Garage Door, Santa Ana, CA

“Laura and Cliff operate a first class, disciplined, creative, multi-passionate design firm in Southern California. What sets their work apart is their commitment to the integrity of every project they accept, and each relationship they build. Among its reputation for quality & timely work, Four Point Design & Construction is second to none for its professional integrity.   By employing ethical business practices, transparent design services and their passion for serving every client, Laura and Cliff have cultivated one of the top design firms on the West Coast.”

Joanna Bailey
Owner, Joanna Bailey Designs, LLC

“Thanks for a beautiful office! You are truly a professional and talented group of people who believes in ‘doing the job right’! It would be an honor to be used as a reference and I look forward to referring you to my colleagues!”

Dr. Steven M. Greco, DDS.
Steven M. Greco, Inc.

“Laura and her team were very professional. They always assured me that they would do their best not to disturb our regular operation and residents who are in the units, next, down and above to the models while they were working in the models. There was not a single complaint reported by any residents.  I could see they tried hard to meet the given deadline, too.  The end result far exceeded my expectations, especially given the budget restraints.  I appreciate their clear communication and meticulous record keeping.  It was a joy to work with the Four Point team and I am looking forward to working on other project together! Thank you!”

Erin Sturm
Manager of Special Projects and Design, Klein Financial Corporation
Multi-Family Residential Luxury Loft Apartments

“Thanks a million to you and Cliff for your expertise and leadership in helping to keep this project alive until the end and completed on time.  It turned out beautiful!”

Karen Doss Hickey
Founder Nest Feat

“Laura, let me start off by expressing what a joy you have been to work with! Your loft was amazing and spectacular in all aspects!  I wish you the best in all future opportunities you come across.  You put your heart, soul, and smile in all you do, and I cannot think of anything more admirable.  Looking forward to the next time we can work together!!”

Haley Coffman




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