Whether the space is a small corner of a busy kitchen or family room, or a room all their own, it is important to give growing teens a space to relax, study, hang out with friends, and be creative. For this high school freshman, Four Point took an over-worked and over-stuffed multi-purpose space and created a space that was fun, stylish, comfortable, and yep, still useful for the occasional out of town guest!  We took our cues from our young client and coordinated this space with her newly re-designed bedroom we completed earlier.  Our marching orders included: a durable space to hang out with friends, read, play video and board games, display accomplishments, watch movies and have sleepovers. By making some simple yet strategic changes to the space, we completed a room that works perfectly for her, her friends, and the entire family!

A   N E W   L I F E . . .

F O R   A N   O L D   C L O S E T 

The original closet needed a serious makeover so we opened it up to make way for a clean organized open space for a new entertainment console, TV, and game storage.  Following a detailed family discussion on whether or not to keep the closet for future resale, it was unanimously agreed that the closet (in its current state) could go! We strongly considered the option for conversion back to a standard closet, so the redesign included an option for new standard doors, rod and shelf at a later date.

F L E X I B L E   M U L T I   –   F U N C T I O N    

It was important to create a multi-function space that was open and flexible in both style and proportion.  We added seating solutions that were comfy, roomy, light weight and easy to move around.  We provided pillows and throws that our client could mix and match to any spot in the room, which coordinate beautifully with her new bedroom design.

Bright white walls are the perfect palette for a small space with loads of personality, especially when it comes to displaying the accomplishments of a young all-star athlete!  Creating a space where our young client can expand and grow was our mission, and this once dull dark wall is now the perfect backdrop for a future gallery wall with room for plenty of additional trophies and keepsakes!

R U S T I C   A C C E N T   W A L L . . .

Y A Y   O R   N A Y ? ? ?

Well, we say YAY! One of our favorite design decisions was to install this rustic wood accent wall.  We love working with Stikwood and adore the dynamic shift in this room’s overall vibe.  Still clean, open and modern with a warm earthy feel; this wall ties the whole suite’s “look” together.

D E S I G N E R  T I P

When creating an accent wall using a unique wall covering, remember to keep it clean and unfussy, letting the natural elements do the work.  Best to hire a professional to install, but if you choose to do it yourself, make sure to have the correct tools suggested by the manufacturer and estimate waste before you purchase and follow the installation guidelines. You will need a minimum 4′ level, a ladder, a sharp utility knife, an extra set of hands, and PATIENCE. Keep the grain horizontal and work around the outlets, switches, window and ceiling shapes and curves.  The time you take to install this right the first time, will make all the difference in the world when completed.

When complete, pull together the natural elements throughout the room by selecting subtle details in modern pieces.  The lacquered and wood media console we selected by WestElm is a perfect example of a modern and rustic piece, and a perfect fit!

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