At Four Point, we believe it is important to understand, determine, and highlight the function and flow in the areas where family and friends will gather, connect, be inspired, focus, entertain, eat and relax.  Understanding how a family actually “lives” in their space before we begin designing is key.  For this client, we brought together key elements in an open floor plan so that the family could enjoy spending time together in their home while providing clear separate zones with areas to display their personal collections and engage in multiple activities, even when entertaining; especially when it came to defining eclectic interests, such as collecting personal treasures and art, large screen television and movie viewing, teen sleepover’s, and listening to a spectacular collection of music played meticulously through equipment that has been perfectly balanced for the space.

For this open space plan, our design team focused on three separate comfort-and-activity-driven zones for perfect multi-activity living.  Although the spaces are open and connected to each other, we needed the spaces to maintain three distinct functions that supported some very specific activities.  How can that all work together? Here’s how…

Z O N E   O N E   |   T H E   D E N 

The den was a daily gathering spot for this busy family and it needed to perform…BIG TIME.  From big screen TV movie nights and slow weekend afternoon naps, to football and entertaining from an elegant open bar displaying unique collections and antique treasures; this space required organization, storage, flexible lighting, movable accent tables, and deep comfortable seating. For a small space, we think it now packs quite a wonderful wallop!

Z O N E   T W O   |   T H E   L I V I N G   R O O M 

The central living space in this home was designed for conversation, entertaining and gathering, listening to music, displaying art and treasures, and fireside snuggles.  It involved the complete demo and resurfacing of the fireplace and a strategic rewiring and integration of the audio and lighting system.

Before the fireplace was dated and the storage was minimal.  The space was without “flow” and it lacked focus.  Now, it breathes beautifully! The path of travel is clear providing a strong focal point.  The new custom designed built in cabinets and floating shelf system provides ample storage for board games, music, audio equipment and areas to display meaningful treasures and photos.

D E S I G N E R   T I P 

Decorative poufs that can easily float from room to room, are the perfect lightweight and flexible solution in this space, providing extra seating around the coffee table for board games and cocktails.

Z O N E   T H R E E   |   T H E   S U N   R O O M 

BEFORE, this room served as a catch-all storage room and it was the sole path to the backyard. Not very functional to say the least.  Now, it is a lovely bright and cozy space for early morning coffee and keeping up with the news, and evening fireside reading and gathering.

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