Every girl should have a special space that feels like her own. A space that reflects her personal voice and style, especially as she yearns to leave the “kid stuff” behind for a more sophisticated and authentic expression of her very grown-up self.


For this teen room remodel,  we worked very closely with our spirited young client to capture her unique vision.  We focused on the magical qualities of a room every girl would want: from a big comfy bed to areas for study and hanging out with friends. Small personal touches gave this teen room the perfect balance of comfort and function that is so necessary for a small multi-use space. We created a bright space that was personal and fun while giving it our CleanFreshModern signature touch!

By choosing a clean white color pallet and removing the bulky furniture, we created a space that feels spacious and open. We loved the existing ceiling conditions but brightened up the finish to reference and blend with the natural floor, rustic wood finishes, and warm gold accents.

The existing custom floor-to-ceiling closet storage was dark and dated, but with freshly painted white lacquered doors and new gold hardware, we gave the existing storage organization system a sophisticated, durable and chic new life!

Layers of texture in soft tones add a playful and inviting accent to this rustic bed. Styled and layered for convenience, we designed THIS bed with a tousled chic “unmade” look in mind.  Perfect for a busy teen and Mom approved.  Just toss and go!

Small storage baskets and boxes for jewelry, junk, pics, or school supplies acts as an interesting room accessory while still big on smart function keeping things organized and pretty.  A crisp neutral color pallet is the perfect backdrop for earthy greens and vintage style images and accessories on open shelving.

D E S I G N E R   T I P 

To create a relaxed, sophisticated yet youthful and feminine atmosphere, start with a crisp white canvas, integrate strategic touches of vintage gold and blushy-pink, with natural elements like baskets, wood, concrete and greens. Don’t be afraid to mix metals, layer texture like linen and fur, and use plenty of bright white in matte AND glossy.

We absolutely LOVE working with our youngest clients to design and build creative spaces that are personal and functional, giving them an exciting fresh start during that very special and emotional time of transition from kid to young adult.  Our #cleanfreshmodern signature look was a perfect style fit for this space and client. 

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