A Candid Podcast Appearance with the Ever-Business-Savvy Host, Benno Duenkelsbuehler, and CEO of Seasonal Living, Gary Pettitt

So, you want to design products? Well then, I am glad you’re here!

“… He stepped back, he was the perfect container for my chaos, he created a wonderful infrastructure and foundation… isn’t that the best kind of collaboration, where you have an established discipline… out of control and in complete command.” – Laura Muller

Hey friends, Laura here! I’m thrilled to share with you my latest PODCAST appearance with Benno Duenkelsbuehler, host of THIRD GROWTH PODCAST and CEO of Seasonal Living, Gary Pettitt. I think you’re going to LOVE this candid and real conversation, and I hope you learn a bit more about my journey to bring my first furniture collection collaboration to life!

“If you’re a student of collaboration, of different expertise coming together to learn each other’s language, this episode is for you. If you’re a student of the design process, and how different approaches lead to better outcomes, this episode is for you. Gary Pettitt, CEO Seasonal Living and Laura Muller, Owner of Four Point Design Build Inc., talk about the trust, chemistry, and the containers for chaos that were required to make the Provenance Collection come to life.” – Benno Duenkelsbuehler

Here are a few notable highlights from the show:

5:31 – “Just like a photo capturing a memory, that’s what this line does… we were both aligned with this message.” – Gary Pettitt

11:06 – “Mutual respect and mutual understanding that one knows something the other does not is fundamental for any collaboration.” – Gary Pettitt

14:05 – “Go into it with mindful confidence… also a level of flexibility… that’s where I… become the student.” – Laura Muller

15:49 – “…it’s worth remembering… there were three of us in this relationship, the third of course is the manufacturer.” – Gary Pettitt

22:54 – “I’m fluid… Gary taught me… ‘to be direct’ and I learned the strength of concise communication” – Laura Muller

24:44 – “… create a collection that not only touched on existing material palette… but also to be independent… that’s the difference… between a master designer and a product designer.” – Gary Pettitt

25:45 – “You can’t have an ego… but you have to have confidence… and be flexible… it’s a constant evolutionary process where two people are working together in their superpowers.” – Laura Muller

29:58 –  “There were a few tears, and eye rolls… and a few glasses of wine, scotch. Like any good marriage.” – Gary Pettitt


Before we get to the PODCAST, let’s catch up a bit.

If you are new here and are wondering, I have been working for almost two years on this collaboration with the dream team at Seasonal Living.  Led by Gary Pettitt, CEO of Seasonal Living and the Editor of Seasonal Living Magazine, we set out to design and manufacture a high-level residential and commercial line of indoor/outdoor furniture that lived beautifully in many styles, climates and environments. This podcast episode will familiarize you, not only with the journey, but with the collaboration behind The Provenance Signature Collection by Laura Muller.

“Nothing inspires hope, comfort, and growth like the love, support, and connection that comes from a community.  My key objective was to design a truly flexible, classic and timeless, indoor/outdoor collection that endures in both residential and commercial spaces.   The Meditation Community Tables were designed to celebrate the way we come together in various configurations, to make a single lovely unified design, while remaining beautifully independent.” – Laura Muller

While you listen to the podcast (direct link below), here’s a sneak peek at some of the beautiful details in the Provenance Signature Collection.

THE MEDITATION AND SERENITY COLLECTION recreates the architectural sandcastles of my childhood. Made to simulate “sand”, this smooth limestone-like material is virtually indestructible (click here for our manufacturing videos) and even better, it is built mindfully with recycled properties and responsible manufacturing processes and practices.

Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor environments, our FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer), wicker, and Ceramic furniture is for both commercial and residential use.

Experience the distinctly casual and elegant California lifestyle with our Signature “Meditation” Collection. Celebrating the organic textures and clean architectural lines that merge seamlessly with the sensuous curves, neutral tones, and soft-to-the-touch surfaces of nature to create resilient, durable, and timeless investment pieces for any indoor and outdoor space.

The Meditation dining table with coordinating bench is a bold architectural statement piece that lives beautifully in both interior and exterior spaces, and in any style. It is sculptural in character and neutral in tone and smooth to the touch. It’s versatility and durability is key.

The CERAMIC collection is both abstract and structured with smooth neutral tones and textured surfaces to depict the sandy dunes from the desert to the sea.

The TEXTURED collection in the FRP material is meant to simulate a modern version of the ancient art of raking, using a material that re-creates the beauty and strength of the majestic redwoods and organic driftwood found on the coastline of California.

The SERENITY Collection is a beautiful and unique merging of both the limestone and wood-like FRP material, illustrating the stunning silhouette at twilight with rolling mountains and soft lapping waves on sand along the majestic California coastline.




LISTEN NOW and hear just how our collaboration journey embraced these visions and beautiful designs, to create a wonderful and magical professional partnership, and ultimately, the Provenance Signature Collection.


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  1. Deborah Main on

    This is such an incredible podcast!! I love that Gary was the “Container for Chaos”. That contrast really describes the process of a collaboration – you both bringing the best of your expertise to the collaborative experience.

    Omg, I’m laughing aloud how Leslie is the Date Manager, Matchmaker Yenta for design. How true that she is SO good at connecting the right people!

    There are such amazing kernels of wisdom in this interview. I absolutely loved hearing about the process. Thanks so much for sharing! ♥️

    • Laura Muller on

      Thank you so much, Deborah, for taking the time to invest in reading and listening to our adventures! I am deeply honored by your comments and I am so happy you loved learning and could grab a few ‘kernels of wisdom’ from our experience. I am also laughing with you about our industry “yenta”! She’s the BEST! Thank you again, friend! xox

  2. Leslie Carothers on

    Laura: I loved this post, and all the outtake quotes form the podcast. Flexibility and concise communication are essential in any relationship, and I appreciate you touching upon those points.

    You know I love your collection, it is so beautiful and the material palette reinforces how dedicated both you and Gary are to wellness and sustainability.

    Congratulations on an incredibly successful indoor | outdoor collection for Seasonal Living!

    • Laura Muller on

      Thank you so much, Leslie! I am thrilled you loved our post and I truly appreciate YOU, and your continued generous and kind words! xox


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