2019 is rolling in fast and furious…and it sure didn’t take very long for us to hit the road again!

L A S   V E G A S   W I N T E R   M A R K E T 

It was the last few days left in January, and Cliff and I hit the road again for a whirlwind three-day trip to the Las Vegas Winter Market; a cross-category showcase that spans furniture, home decor, and gift. The market is open to professional members of the home furnishings, gift and design trades, including but not limited to retailers, buyers, interior designers, architects, specifiers, and purchasing companies.


As attendees on the hunt for new and innovative furniture and accessories, we moved through the showrooms at lighting speed. With so much to see, and so little time, we were grateful to have at the core; a mission. This year Cliff and I were so honored to have been selected as one of the Official Las Vegas Market Design Tastemakers, taking over their Las Vegas Market Instagram account to select and share six of our #4ptFavorite super-finds!  You can head over to Instagram and check out these fun hashtags: #LVMKT, #ViewOnVegas, and #TastemakerTakeover, for ALL the cool Tastemaker finds from the show.

What a treat to be among the first to see and share so many new innovative items throughout these three giant buildings with so many stunning showrooms!


As if attending this massive show wasn’t enough of a feast for the design soul, we were invited to speak on a lively panel with our dear friends at Moda Dora Rep Group and share our insights on a very HOT TOPIC in our design  industry: Navigating the Internet Buying Trend and Building Value Together. 


Hosting our very first very own official educational presentation (CEU) on Design Build and the Changing Landscape: Then, Now, and What Lies Ahead, was another super-exciting reason we attended Winter Market this year. We presented and discussed the changing Design-Build business methods, models and delivery systems and why collaboration and integrated design build project delivery systems are the way of the future.  We presented to a overwhelmingly receptive PACKED house (over 75 attendees), and now, we stand reaffirmed in our quest to bring this information to the interior design industry. This topic is so very important for our industry’s survival and value.

Receiving an invitation to share our insights to our industry peers is always a tremendous honor, but to have a full house of designers, architects, and contractors engage with us during and after the panel, on a subject that is so close to our hearts, was heartwarming and inspiring! Our discussion, fueled by such wonderful commentary from the audience, left us feeling rejuvenated and grateful. THANK YOU to everyone who attended!

O U R   # 4 P T F A V O R I T E   F I N D S

It was really quite something to see so many beautiful showrooms all dressed up for market.  The music was pumping with an 80’s vibe, the sparkles were plenty, the crowds were excited, and the food and drinks were flowing! Yet, it took focus and patience to find beautiful new things that fit our 4pt DNA authentically. Here’s a peek at some of our #4ptFavorite #TasemakerTakeover finds from our trip to Las Vegas Market!

F I N D   0 1   |   C E L E D O N   A R T 


It’s always a bit of a revelation when you find a brand that is so versatile, but still keeps their “style” consistent and so prevalent in their work. It’s the ultimate design goal.

And to find one vendor, with a variety of products that jive so well with our signature aesthetics is a HUGE BONUS!!! Our first favorite pick was from Celadon Art and holy smokes, this display was gorgeous! Tastefully elegant artwork in varying textures and shades of whites and neutrals, high-level quality with impeccable framing, fabulous variety of images, and a top-notch team of expert reps.

We honestly couldn’t begin to pick our most favorite piece from their complete collection; and every new image was better than the last. These pieces are the perfect finishing touch for ALL our residential and commercial projects. This company checks ALL our boxes.

F I N D   0 2   |   C A R A V A N   R U G S 


Our second find was a true statement piece that we could NOT pass up. Without a doubt,  one of THE best showstopper pieces at market. I didn’t mean to be so dramatic, but honestly I couldn’t help myself…I mean…THIS RUG.

Handmade in India by skilled artisans, combining the best of traditional hand-knotting techniques with modern textile technology, there’s the most beautiful touchable sheen on this edgy graffiti-style bamboo fiber that is so subtle; and it’s eco-friendly and sustainable which makes this fierce, bold showstopper rug by Caravan Rugs a sure thing, and a must have!

F I N D   0 3   |   I   F R E S C O   W A L L   C O V E R I N G S 


For someone who loves a clean fresh white contemporary palette,  it’s rare that I gravitate so quickly towards colors that are so, well, IN YOUR FACE.  BUT… when we ran head first into iFresco Wall coverings, with their 30+ feet high fabric wall coverings, we couldn’t resist the urge to fall in love; INSPIRED is a massive understatement.

They are stunningly crisp, virtually non-reflective, with the most amazing resolution and illusion qualities! With a grade “A” fire rating and NO VOC’S, these seamless and removable-without-damage wall coverings are the perfect #4ptFavorite solution to our most particular concept challenges and our highest-level commercial and hospitality projects.

Our find was made even more special by the attentive and LOVELY hospitality of the exuberant Owners of this Vancouver based company.  An instant connection. The love was real.

F I N D   0 4   |   S E A S O N A L   L I V I N G 


Our next find was something quite extraordinary and truly meaningful; and another beautiful example of how personal connections matter so much in our business.  It’s not too often that we have the surprising honor to work with a manufacturer that has so many lovely “stories” woven into each project and product they sell like the ones we discovered by Seasonal Living.

Each piece, each product, every material has a story; a purpose and a reason.  Such a strong and lovely “why” in everything they do.

In many cases, these pieces are made by hand which support and sustain villages of artisans, and of course, our beautiful mother earth.  These “hands” bring a stunning depth and dimension to the process of selecting, purchasing, installing and LIVING WITH their very comfortable and uniquely designed for living furniture pieces.

One of our favorite pieces was the Archipelago Torres Strait Lounge Chair and Ottoman. The warm-khaki grey tones, a hand-crotched pillow and ottoman framed in a matte metal streamlined frame with a beautiful heartfelt story gives this durable and comfy outdoor chair and pouf set glorious meaning; which makes investing in these pieces even MORE valuable and sentimental.

F I N D   0 5   |   T E M P A P E R 


Next up we found a terrific option for semi-permanent wall coverings; a new, and very strong trend in home decor.  When approaching any commercial or retail project that requires we design for temporary brand cycle-through (think Starbucks), or design for luxury urban apartment living, selecting and specifying wall treatments that can be easily changed, manipulated, installed with ease (and without an “expert” installer), and removed without surface destruction is imperative.

Selection is another challenge and we love that Tempaper provides solutions that are creative, durable, whimsical, and diverse.  It is self-adhesive, reposition-able, and removable, and it comes in multiple beautiful styles, prints and cool geometric patterns.  A #TastemakerTakeover pic for sure.

F I N D   0 6  |   B E   H O M E  


The epitome of clean, fresh, modern coolness has been found in this incredible stoneware collection from Be Home.

In crisp white and grey tones, each undulating tabletop piece is unique and organic in shape, and manufactured in environmentally friendly kilns!

When you touch these pieces, you can feel the hands that made them. From the smallest teacup to the grandest bowl, this collection is a 4pt favorite MUST HAVE!

M O R E   F U N   F I N D S


From boho chic muted jewel tones to beautiful dense 3D textures in monochromatic neutral tones; texture, patterns, and color was bold and exciting.


As a long-time antique toy and car collector, Cliff is a sucker for classic machines. These articulate pieces from Pendulux, (a collection of goods that evokes iconic destinations and time periods throughout history, showcasing styles both antiquated and modern), were Cliff’s favorite attention-grabbing-item of the day.  These are the ultimate conversation pieces. They bring historic, functional, and beautiful aspects to their designs; they simultaneously reflect a quirky admiration for the products and styles of ages past.


Lastly, we have a find that is sure to become a #4ptFavorite STAPLE.  Smooth, organic, architectural and sensual, we are certain these beautiful matte vessels will make their eway into every project because they are THAT #cleanfreshmodern, and THAT versatile. With subtle shapes that smolder and impressive scale,  these Le Present pieces will elevate any luxury space!

R E U N I T I N G   W I T H   F R I E N D S 


One of the most rewarding perks about being in this business is the ability to share our love for design with dear friends; and these annual and seasonal market and trade show events are the venues that bring together so many colleagues from all over the country; providing a wonderful opportunity to connect, catch up, share, and be inspired.

Connecting with such talent makes these hectic events glorious.  It reminds me just how blessed we are to do what we love, with amazing PEOPLE that we love.  Pictured here with Laurence Carr (L), and Mindy Laven (R).

R O U N D   U P

So…Have we inspired you? Are you thinking about hitting the road to the next exciting trade show extravaganza?

Welp, before you do, here’s “my two cents” advice…


  1. Before you hit the road, do your research and anticipate: locate, select and schedule restaurants and reservations if required; note map locations of all onsite and offsite show destinations and social events to gauge travel time between venues; program into your phone all phone numbers, confirmation numbers, registration bar codes and tickets, flight and hotel information and download and setup any and all supporting apps.  Your mobile device can be your best friend and don’t forget an extra battery back up charge!
  2. If possible leave yourself two FULL days for travel, and two to three full days to walk the show and attend various events.
  3. Research your showrooms PRIOR to attending and utilize the trade show planners (here’s the link to the Online Market Planner we used for this show) to create your own personal agenda.  The time you take to plan ahead will provide you with the most successful visit.
  4. Contact your professional relationships ahead of time and set appointments.  This avoids bottlenecking while you wait to connect with valuable partners, and keeps your schedule moving.
  5. Give yourself one full day for “wandering”, and one full day for business “meetings”.
  6. If you CAN take an extra day, plan to attend even more of the panel talks and fun parties.  If parties are off-site, allow for travel time and traffic.
  7. Pre-schedule and program drive time allowances for all Uber, Lyft, and Shuttles and WALK TIME for large venues!
  8. Register and check in on-line whenever possible to avoid lines and crowds at on site registration.  Assume there WILL be crowds at check in.
  9. Bring healthy snacks, water, and wear comfy shoes and layers (the A/C is usually blasting indoors).
  10. A wheel tote will prove most helpful. Invest in the best one your budget can allow, and make sure that it fits UNDER THE SEAT on airplanes. You can check with the airlines to confirm sizes.  THIS, has changed my travel life.

So there it is.  Our MARKET RECAP in a nutshell.  PHEW! Thank you so much to the Las Vegas Market for a Tastemaker Takeover Trip to remember, and for the exciting opportunity to present our first CEU to a packed house; and to all the gorgeous showrooms and reps that shared their wares and stories with us…THANK YOU! ! ! We’ll see you at next Market!

And as always, thank YOU for joining us here!

Do you have questions about this post? Do you see something here you’d like to know more about? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your questions and comments below!

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