Welcome, friends! We’re back from another amazing trip to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), and as promised, we can’t wait to share our RECAP with you.


The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is North America’s largest professional trade show dedicated to all aspects of kitchen and bath design and build was held this year in Las Vegas; and with over 600 leading brands showcasing their designs and products, it has become the “New York fashion Week” for the kitchens and baths industry. It’s the ultimate relationship-building arena with over 50,000 attendees this year.

It’s fitting that this would be the last trip in February (our month dedicated to highlighting the importance of building and maintaining relationships) because THIS trip was ALL about connections. This year we spent the majority of our limited time doing interviews, speaking on expert panels, going to luxurious VIP brand events, and connecting with partners, suppliers, colleagues, and great friends.

Although we didn’t get to experience every single aspect of this truly MASSIVE show, we were inspired by the current trends, connected with and learned about new products, hugged a few vert dear friends, and had the opportunity to share our voices and experience with our peers.



There were many brands that caught our attention this year. Some of our favorites included DXV, Smeg, Eco Wood Cabinetry, Quality Enclosures, Signature Kitchen Suite, Hinkley Lighting, Cafe, Sustainable Furnishing Council, J&K Cabinetry, DeWils, Caesar Stone, and Hastings Tile and Bath. All of these brands had beautiful displays, and local representatives present so that meetings could be scheduled in our offices as a follow up.

Industry trade shows such as KBIS, allow professional designers and builders to connect with brands and products, one-on-one  and provides US with the means necessary to provide our CLIENTS with a depth of knowledge when specifying and installing products and materials. It’s events like these, that are crucial for the growth and credibility of our business.


This year we saw an overwhelming presentation of COLOR. From appliances and hardware, to plumbing fixtures and tile…COLOR was the theme of this years show.


Gone are the minimal and scarce grey and white design styles, and welcome LAYERS.  There is a tremendous trend towards 3D textures in design. We saw this trend perhaps the most, in tile design.


These days design is all about function and LIFESTYLE; and in the kitchen and bath particularly. Concept trends such as healing, wellness, and the new buzz word on the rise, biophilic design. You can read more about Biophilic design here.


Mixed metals has long been a topic of discussion, but this year the brands and products have caught up. Offering metallic finishes that really work together to create a cohesive look, in styles that also work together beautifully.  In fact, some of the new plumbing fixtures now feature mixed metals in the same fixture, with OPTIONS to customize!



We’ve been long time collaborators with Caesarstone and it’s a relationship we’ve loved, nurtured, and respected for many years. This year, we celebrated with the Caesarstone team at their spectacular “Beyond the Surface” VIP event party; and it didn’t disappoint!  Amazing conversations , exciting interviews, glorious newly released products to touch, with a STUNNING mountaintop view of Las Vegas. Oh, and the “stone” models were incredible.

Not only did they have beautiful displays of tile, counter tops, cabinetry and bedrooms, the models were hand-painted from head to toe, where they blended seamlessly into the stone installations creating a 3-D product presentation! It was an innovative and boldly artistic presentation.  Bravo to Caesarstone.

This stunning home also included seamless hidden doors and disappearing walls. It was modern and so chic.

I had the lovely honor of being interviewed by the media team, and they asked me, “why do you love Caesarstone?“,  and “tell us your experience with the reliability and standard they have set in this industry”!  This further illustrates just how important it is to create personal business-to-business partnerships with brands; it benefits BOTH businesses which keeps our professional bonds strong, and allows for a myriad of wonderful opportunities!


Since the majority of THIS trip was panel talks, meetings, and interviews, there were plenty of discussions and a great exchange of ideas between us and our fellow design professionals.

Our first panel talk was with Design Milk and Modenus covering the topic of Disaster Proofing and the Importance of Resilient Design and new ways to think about disaster preparation within the interior design and design-build arena. We shared this panel with our fellow designers and contractors, Shannon Ggem and Karl Champley Moderated by the fabulous Jaime Derringer, Founder and Cheif Creative Officer of Design Milk.  We discussed in detail, the concept of resilient design and build, and the types of materials that can be used to prevent further damage to homes during disasters such as earthquakes, fires, and floods.

The next panel we were invited to speak on was also with DMM TALKS but this time, the topic was Resimerciaal and Resitality Design. Resimercial encompasses the integrated blending of commercial and residential designs, whereas Resitality is the merging of Residential and Hospitality design. It was a passionately fueled discussion with design superstars, Jonathan Rachman, Allison Martin, Elle Millard and Jaime Derringer.


I had the great privilege of speaking with the lovely Cindy Allen, Editor-In-Chief of Interior Design Magazine and Interior Design Homes, about the pros and cons of having a design-build firm, and the tricks to navigating trade shows! The interview was positive, fun, and full of Cindy’s infectious exuberance! It was quite the distinct privilege, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Watch our interview here.


The SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE (SKS) event is one of the most chic VIP events at the show, and the invite is highly exclusive. This year, the event was a KBIS showstopper where they created a “full designer experience”. The beautiful presentation of their new appliance features was informative, entertaining, and interactive. I appreciate the fact that the company leadership is always present for personal one-on-one conversations and questions.

This party was not only PACKED with the industry’s best, but IT. WAS. FUN! Sipping fine champagne while discussing the future of interior design with peers is what makes this annual event so special; not to mention, the captivating lighting fixture that grabbed everyone’s attention.


Just last year, Cliff and I experienced the complete collection of Monogram appliances first-hand during our VIP Designer trip to Chicago, where we enjoyed four full days of intensive business-to-business training on the appliances and prepared meals with the MONOGRAM resident Chef, Chef Jon.

By the time KBIS rolled around, we were both well aware of the VALUE that MONOGRAM delivers through their products. This year’s product display, however, was jaw-dropping. It was designed by our dear friend, and fellow DXV Design Panel designer, the incredible, Richard T. Anuszkiewicz.

The display was TRULY breathtaking!


The most sentimental, emotional and touching moment of the entire trip was seeing our DXV design work displayed on a 20′ wall.  It was chosen to be the “welcome” graphics in the (very large) DXV product booth.

Honestly, I had no idea this was going to be part of their display. When I arrived, they mentioned they wanted to “surprise” me; and indeed, it completely FLOORED ME! I was moved to tears.

Read more about my DREAM COME TRUE journey creating this space for the DXV brand here.

Seeing “larger than life” images of myself and our design work, as well as the work of my fellow DXV Design Panel designers, was immensely gratifying and a proud career-defining moment.

Check out our full DXV Design Panel journey post, where we share our DXV Design Panel process to completing this luxury healing space.


Like I mentioned, this year’s kitchen and bath show was all about relationships. Reuniting each year with brands, colleagues, and peers, is extremely valuable to keep our own brand competitive, relevant and knowledgeable. However, it is connecting with our dear friends, that make this annual event so special.


So, now that we have finally caught our breath and soaked our feet, it’s back to work we go!

THANK YOU to all the many brands we work with for their amazing support throughout the year. We hope you will take a moment to follow and research our favorites. You can find the links to their sites within this post.

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