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In my last post, I shared my very real “WHY” when it comes to performing my due-diligence on behalf of our clients when resourcing, selecting, and recommending products, and “WHY” attending these massive trade show events [with a team such as DESIGNHOUNDS, is so important. There is ALSO a second link to our initial DESIGNHOUNDS post which captures the “essence” of what it means to belong to the #Designhounds community and how important THAT is! You can come back to that later…

This now leads me to our next three sponsors: COMPAC, THERMADOR and CONTROL 4

This year, there was an undeniable merging of bold new and mindful concepts and trends throughout the show. Topics such as Wellness, Color, Technology, Responsibility and Sustainability [we’ll talk more about these trends in our final Part 3 of 3 Kitchen and Bath Recap post].  From panel talks and presentations, to demonstrations and products, there were new conversations, new questions, and new responses: the change is here.


The Waterstorm Washbasin designed by Arik Levy. Photo Courtesy of Compac


Our first sponsor definitely “set the tone” for the entire trip, and completely “raised the bar” of expectation. A STUNNING brand concept through and through; I was completely captivated by their bold concept of being at ONE WITH NATURE and their artisan driven COLLECTION and of course…THE TUB, but more on that later…

One of the key moments of my experience was the introduction to their stunning and emotional presentation of three new pieces designed by the acclaimed designer Arik Levy; a brilliant multidisciplinary artist, who has created the Ice Black™ and Ice White™ designs for the Ice of Genesis collection, a collection which “has set a milestone in the world of quartz”.

Watch the video here

Ice Black from the Ice of Genesis Collection. Photo Courtesy of Compac



“Technological Quartz is a product of exceptional resistance and stunning beauty. With the appearance and feel of natural quartz but with a better performance thanks to its high resistance. And it comes in an extensive range of colors, designs, sizes, thicknesses and ornamentations. It is the ideal product for kitchen worktops, floors, walls and all kinds of indoor surfaces that have to withstand intensive use.” –


Some of the KEY qualities we look for in the products we resource and specify for our projects are directly aligned with the COMPAC brand of products.


  • Anti-microbial and zero porosity due to its vacuum-compacted material, so it is impervious to water and humidity
  • Composed of 93-95” natural quartz
  • Manufactured in Spain and Portugal
  • Stronger than natural stone
  • Better performance than natural quartz due to its high-resistance
  • The extreme resistance of Compac quartz to acids, oils and abrasion is truly unparalleled
  • Compac gives you the first lifetime warranty in the quartz kitchen countertop industry
  • Quartz products should not be polished under any circumstances.  it’s lifetime finish will be naturally preserved under normal wear conditions.
  • Numerous certifications for safety, hygiene, fire resistance, and NSF including the Greenguard mark which is issued by the Greenguard environmental institute that guarantees that Compac products comply with indoor air quality standards covering volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), the Greenguard children and schools certified (being one of the strictest standards in the industry) and the us green building council (USGBC) which is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings.

Although Technological Quartz is not recommended for direct intense long term sunlight or uv rays, one of my FAVORITE pics of the day WAS their INDOOR/OUTDOOR product: White River Material Petra. Can’t WAIT to present this to our clients!

White River Indoor/Outdoor Petra Collection. Photo Courtesy of Four Point Design Build



  • Exceptional beauty that looks and feels like natural marble
  • Better performance and highly versatile
  • Extensive range of colors, sizes and thicknesses (a designer/builder dream!)
  • Perfect for diverse applications such as flooring, fireplace surrounds, staircases, facades, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Composed of 92-95% pure natural marble
  • Perfect for outdoor applications of all kinds
  • Polishable and recommended periodically to preserve its gloss finish

Photo Courtesy of Compac


INVENT YOURSELF, THEN REINVENT YOURSELF and “stay out of the clutches of mediocrity”


Upon our arrival, we were warmly welcomed and taken to a private conference room where an intimate presentation was given.  Of course, I took loads of notes and could paraphrase the details, but instead I’ll do this: I will share amazing VIDEOS and LINKS with you, and will share my personal response to this glorious product and company.

Photo Courtesy of Designhounds


By now, you’ve most certainly heard me discuss “WHY” we select the companies we work with, and  “WHY” it is so important that our values are aligned. With COMPAC it was a no-brainer. Beyond the stunning BEAUTY of their product is the SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY and MINDFUL MANUFACTURING.  As a kitchen and bath specialist, both of these dynamic concepts are just TWO of the VERY powerful reasons why we would specify, present and strongly suggest this product to our clients.

Here’s WHY their WHY makes a difference to US…in bullet terms:

  • Reforestation
  • New Materials
  • Waste Management
  • Water Recycling
  • Clean Energy
  • Reducing Emissions

I urge you to learn MORE about the COMPAC  >>  timeline / corporate values / environmental commitment

Photo Courtesy of Compac


Photo Courtesy of Compac



So, here’s “THE TUB” that absolutely stole the show, (seriously), and provided one of THE MOST photographed instagram moments from KBIS. And of course, before we headed to our next sponsor on the tour, [and in true #designhounds fashion], we had to try it!

And yes, it’s a gorgeous as it looks…and COMFORTABLE too!

Photo Courtesy of Designhounds


THANK YOU COMPAC for your warm hospitality, your emotional commitment to our beautiful Mother Earth, and ultimately to the work we do as designers on behalf of our clients. I loved meeting my Los Angeles rep, and cannot wait to get all my samples for our studio!

Interested in seeing our beautiful samples and learning more about COMPAC, contact us here, we’d love to have you stop by the studio for a consultation!



I mean, what can I say. THERMADOR is an ICONIC brand, who year after year, continues to provide gorgeous, and consistently reliable products and service, while integrating and innovating the newest technology and trends; “Revolutionizing the kitchen experience”. –

This year, they did not disappoint.

Design and Build Remodel by FOUR POINT DESIGN BUILD INC // Photography by Zeke Ruelas // Courtesy of 4ptDesignBuild


As one of our “go-to” brands when it comes to specifying high-level luxury appliances, THERMADOR shares our values and dedication to excellence, especially when it comes to CRAFTSMANSHIP and CUSTOMER SERVICE. For more than 100 years, this brand has been delivering “bold design, unmatched performance, and exceptional innovation in the kitchen and beyond”.

Design-Build by FOUR POINT DESIGN BUILD INC. Photography by Riley Jamison Courtesy of Four Point



Even more impressive, is their “smart kitchen” appliance integration for a fully connected experience.  With fully integrated appliance controls and diagnostics, you’re kitchen can be remotely controlled from your smart phone, which has proven to save time and money, while reducing stress and waste.  Most importantly, it increases the safety of loved ones, which overall, contributes to peace of mind, personal comfort, and community wellness. Just a few of the overarching benefits as we move aggressively into a future driven by speed and technology, with NO loss of beauty, function, or performance. Learn more about Thermador’s integrated technology here.

Photo Courtesy of Thermador


Our booth tour [with the always enthusiastic Thermador Team], was comprehensive and delightfully entertaining; meandering through the new products with the Designhounds, one-by-one, was a full sensory experience. From the lovely custom cocktails, to the sights and sounds of strategic LED lighting and computer automation, THIS was an EXPERIENCE.

Photo Courtesy of Designhounds


Photo Courtesy of Designhounds



Photo by Zeke Ruelas (L) Courtesy of Four Point


Ah, the classic trademarks of Thermador: The beautiful BLUE KNOBS and the STAR BURNER.  But more than just aesthetics, Thermador is driven by performance, “The Star® Burner’s unique shape isn’t just for show. It creates a perimeter 56% longer than a round range burner of the same size, which allows the inclusion of more flame ports. The result is a stove burner that delivers superior flame spread and a reduced cold spot for faster and more even heating across any size pan.” –


Photo Courtesy of Four Point (L) and Thermador (R)


Seeing the first dishwasher “designed specifically for glassware” in-person was a treat, and an inspiration. Crafted with a time-less configuration to maximize capacity for wine glasses, beer steins and more, this glass dishwasher securely washes your most delicate stems while accommodating every entertaining occasion.” 

This is the perfect (and must-have) addition to the stylish Prep Kitchen and Butler’s Pantry we are so giddy to see return to kitchen and bath home fashion!

So, what is the big bold trend in luxury kitchen and bath design? Smart appliances and customizable spaces; and Thermador’s response is spot on.

Enter, the SHE DEN…


We design SO MANY spaces for families with pets today, and personalizing spaces which integrate their specific needs into the family space is key when it comes to day-to-day convenience, wellness, and family productivity. Integrating under counter refrigeration (for example) to accommodate our pet’s separate and specific food needs [in an area designated for our furry family members] is one way to help keep the kitchen performing at an optimum pace.  This year, THERMADOR illustrated “real life” vignettes which brought all the key elements into play. The popular “Barking Lot” and “She Den” [another popular trend in home office design, which includes the “ultimate indulgence“; a Built-in Coffee Maker], were two exciting stand-outs at the KBIS Thermador booth.

We’ve been integrating these appliances into executive office spaces and commercial lounges for years, it’s so great to see their popularity increasing as our clients customize their spaces in their homes and offices for wellness and luxury.

Photo Courtesy of Thermador



I couldn’t speak about this aspect of the KBIS show, OR our Sponsor, Thermador, WITHOUT giving a super-duper SHOUT OUT and BRAVO to my dear friend, and truly amazing talent, Michele Youell, Owner/Principal of Natural Domain Interiors, for her brilliant design of the ENTIRE Thermador Booth at KBIS.

Congratulations, Michele, SPECTACULAR work!

Booth Design by Michele Youell. Photo Courtesy of Thermador


THANK YOU THERMADOR for your gracious hospitality and over 100 years of steadfast consistency in the kitchen and bath industry, and for being so “design-centered”. We love you!


Speaking of TECHNOLOGY and integration, meet our next sponsor CONTROL 4.

Photos Courtesy of Control4


With so much of today’s tech talk (which is quite honestly, mostly over my head) they have done us all a HUGE favor by taking the guess work out of the integrated operating systems, redesigned the remote for “looks” and ease, and added in my personal and MOST IMPORTANT element when it comes to technology: PRIVACY and PEACE OF MIND.

As Control4 states, “no two homes are alike“, and they are built to connect virtually ANYTHING in your home, so imagine having the ability to customize the way you control your entire home or office from a single remote device with a push of a button:

  • Cameras and video monitoring
  • Locks and alerts
  • Lights and shades
  • Arm and disarm alerts for security and emergency assistance
  • Even integrate resilient design practices by integrating home detection apps

ALL while maintaining your ultimate personal asset: your PRIVACY. The benefits FAR outweigh the learning and integration curve and most of the time the cost can be relatively affordable for most basic security and convenience needs.  See all the “peace of mind” products here.


Our tour began on the KBIS show floor in an intimate vignette space where the Sales, Marketing, Installation and Leadership team walked us through a brief overview of products, and presented their values and company history. Having the blessing of the leadership’s attention is [yet again] another huge value that being part of the DESIGNHOUNDS TOUR provides.  Seeing as most of the time I have way too many questions for a “drive by” meeting, this gave me the chance to ask the relevant questions that pertain directly to my business and our client’s needs.

Photo Courtesy of Designhounds



Then came time to board the bus for The New American Home tour in Henderson, NV where CONTROL4 introduced – Neeo“a sleek, intuitive remote control for the Control4 Smart Home OS, giving homeowners fast access to the things they use most — their favorite streaming services, most-watched TV stations, playlists, room-level or household-level smart home scenes, and much more. Neeo is the first Control4 handheld remote to combine the benefits of hard buttons and a touchscreen, providing an elegant smart home interface fully personalized to meet the unique interests and devices for any home.” – 

Walking through this home with the installation team enabled me to have an in depth, up-close-and-personal look at the system in place, and understand the requirements [cost, space, and construction wise] in order to bring my clients better and more refined opportunities when considering their technology selections in their homes and offices.

Photo Courtesy of Designhounds


Photo Courtesy of Designhounds


Photos Courtesy of Designhounds


Kitchen and Bath Recap / Photo Courtesy of Designhounds


BRAVO to YOU CONTROL4 for towing the line of integrity when it comes to the privacy and protection of your customers. Learning about your “WHY” during the KBIS TOUR was a personal #4ptFavorite TAKEAWAY.  You see, I take great care and go to great lengths to protect my own client’s privacy, and now feel more confident than ever in the fact that I can align my brand with yours.

THANK YOU for your gracious time and hospitality. Looking forward to working together!


In closing, I would add this… Remember what makes a difference when embarking on a remodel, renovation, or refresh, is what you KNOW. But more importantly, [I would suggest] that it’s even more than that.  It’s taking an opportunity to work with professionals and product manufacturers that make a difference.

For me, understanding the technology, what truly makes a product a “wellness contributing product” and the nuance of the manufacturing and delivery means and methods, the sustainability of the selected materials, customer service commitments, AND the social responsibility on a corporate level, is EVERYTHING.  It IS #the4ptdifference.

Knowing these things IS what makes the difference in your project process, success, and story!  So why not give your “story” MEANING, AND make a difference.  And when selecting a design-build firm, a contractor, a product, or an interior designer, make sure it makes a difference to THEM too. We are a better community when we work towards the greater good, together.


This is WHY we are part of the DesignHounds community and WHY we take the time to get to know these brands, DEEPLY and PERSONALLY, so we can understand their WHY, and delivery the BEST options and knowledge when it comes to our clients.

If you have any questions or need more information about the DESIGNHOUNDS or any of our DESIGNHOUNDS KBIS Sponsors, or their products, please contact TEAM FOUR POINT here. We’d be OH SO happy to help!

Join us again for our NEXT POST where we will e-meet our final TWO sponsors: MR. STEAM and NOBILIA.  We’ll talk about “wellness” and wrap up our RECAP with some of my #4ptFavoriteFinds from #KBIS2020!

See PART ONE of our KBIS RECAP  here.


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