Welcome back, friends! We’re so glad you’re here for our High Point Fall Market Recap – Top Home Decor Trends for 2023. After five full days at High Point Market, we have new trends to share with you.

It was wonderful to see that the excitement was back and better than ever following the pandemic. The events did not disappoint and the trends were clear and refreshing. Although manufacturers still suffer from shipping delays and logistic issues, you could see the new trends peeking thru the noise to catch a bit of fresh air and sunlight! The overall vibe was very optimistic!!!


One of the biggest trends I saw in almost every showroom, was fur and texture. Mostly all neutrals (which of course makes my happy neutral organic loving heart SING), in a variety of color tones, lengths, fullness, and price.

Performance fabrics, boucle, and knotty tweed, were also a BIG trend everywhere, shown in many new creative ways and applications. Even the traditional accent throws and pillows took on a renewed life when presented with heavier organic textures and neutral color palettes.


The coolest trend was the various options for affordable quality rugs. Sure, the stunning vintage “investment” rugs will ALWAYS be a top (and highly encouraged) statement piece in your home. But, todays families with multiple generations living together, kids, pets, travel and adventure lifestyles, do require other options.

There were beautiful options with stunning neutrals and desaturated color palettes, and everything from vintage worn to highly geometric abstract styles.


Rattan was literally EVERYWHERE and I’m not mad about it. The idea that the lines can be totally blurred between indoor and outdoor furniture was a very strong theme this year.


Travertine is also a bold trend in home decor. Whether vintage or new, this material is everywhere. Typically, monolithic in is form, with curved sensual edges and corners in various patterns and color tones, this material is back and fast becoming a very popular addition to many home decor collections and landscapes.


Metal has continued to be a strong detailing trend in ALL areas of home decor and furniture design. With its flexibility in color, finish, movement and texture, and it’s natural durability and longevity, metal accents and framework is pretty much here to stay.

This year, it was hard to ignore the many unique and creative ways to finish and utilize this beautiful and plentiful material. From unique oversized statement hardware to tabletop acid washes, metal remains a beautiful trend in both indoor and outdoor lighting, furniture, and home accent and decor.


Chair seat weaving, and especially chair caning was practiced in South East Asia, Portugal, France, and England in the mid-1600s, becoming very popular and was used extensively through the 1700-1800s and on into the early 1900s. I, for one, am glad it’s back on trend. This year, however, caning is being applied in more edited, creative and dynamic ways, from furniture detailing, lighting fixtures and cabinetry insets, to decorative accessories.


Wood will always be a staple material in furniture and decor. With its malleable properties and varying grain details, I don’t think we will ever NOT see wood in home furniture and decor. What’s different in today’s home decor design, however, is the very creative and modern adaptations taken from classic period architectural elements.


Warm spicy colors, presented in “desaturated” tones such as sage green, espresso, warm red clay, burnt ochre, and dusty peach and rose, with basic warm grey, black, white, and creams holding it all together creating an almost organic monochromatic vibe due to the lack of bold color pigment intensity. Think of the colors you would imagine seeing in a warm desert sunset.


The overall trend and lifestyle vibe was relaxed, minimal, organic, inviting, approachable, and easy to maintain. There was a lot of “gathering” spaces, designed for multiple activities, yet presented in an edited and elegant fashion; and as home decor responds to the “stay at home” mentality especially, we definitely saw that multi-functioning game tables are a solid trend for home decor.


There is a renewed style that is trending and it’s COMFORT. Deeper seating sofas, swivel chairs, and fully upholstered furniture frames with cozy textured fabrics, creating a seamless and comfort driven style.

I saw plenty of other classic elements such as delicate furniture feet and legs, and small “wheels” are evermore present in furniture. This so happens to be a favorite modern detail of mine, and I am SO glad to see that is has been adapted to a more modern sensibility.

What a treat to see my fabulous design colleagues create these gorgeous vignettes for ROWE. Huge Congrats to Kate Lester Interiors and R/terior Studio for the inspiration!

(L) Kate Lester Interiors (R) R/terior Studio | Curated vignettes for Rowe Fine Furniture Showroom


We’ve been seeing a strong trend toward CURVES for a while now, and they still have plenty of mileage left in the home furnishing world. I don’t see them going anywhere soon. But what I do see is simplicity. Lovely lines, smooth and sexy, but not fussy.

Skirts on upholstered furniture are coming back into fashion, and I also love the flat welting trend. I have been designing custom furniture for my clients for many years and have often specified a flat welt. I’m so happy to see that it is now a trend.

Scale is a visible trend in furniture and lighting. Oversized lighting fixtures, large lounge chairs and deep comfort sofas as well as petite swivel chairs (perfectly size-suitable for small spaces) and dining chairs were a big trend. Basically, there is a perfect sized something for everyone.


There was another very strong theme this year, and that is POSITIVITY. Affirmations and positive messaging was beautifully represented in art, signage, accessories, and textile patterns.

Love visibility was brave and refreshing to see and so elegantly fabricated with high-level detailing and materiality.


It was my great honor to speak at the Universal Furniture prestigious Learning Center. Moderated by my dear friend and CEO of Savour Partnership, Leslie M. Carothers, I presented my Authenticity and Branding Tips to a full house of over 150 attendees. It was a very proud moment to see that the questions kept us engaged for an additional hour!

My most heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended, engaged, and shared their enthusiasm with us!

I invite you to take a moment to listen and watch our presentation captured by the Universal Furniture Learning Center Audio/Visual team. Click here to watch and listen.


So many new styles, ideas, and trends. Some can (in my opinion) can be retired, but there is no doubt that high design is back!

I’m thrilled every day to be a part of this industry and the next big trends in design by attending this annual market event; but most excited when I can bring these ideas back to my studio where we can make unique magical dreams come true for our clients!

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  1. Janet Lorusso on

    So fun to see market curated through your eyes, Laura! I look forward to watching your Authenticity in Branding presentation replay, too! Much love and congratulations to you, my friend! 😘

    • Laura Muller on

      Lovely Janet…Thank you so much for always taking the time to read and support our business and blog! Your kind words and love fills my heart! Hope you enjoy the video replay! xox 🙂

    • Laura Muller on

      Exactly! It’s a real lean in to organic textures and raw materials. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read our recap! xx

  2. Amy Wax on

    Thrilled to read your recap of this years market. I am totally on board with the warmer, earthier colors even in their subdued presentaions. I also appreciate the variety of organic textures, colors and design elements. Thank you for sharing your vision, it all sounds magical to me!

    • Laura Muller on

      Thank you so much, beautiful Amy! It is definitely a magical thing, when all the pieces come together to make a “unique” and perfectly inviting space. Thank you for taking the time to read our recap! Happiest of Holidays, my sweet friend! xx 🙂


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