Four Point’s top three reasons to hire a “design-build” team for your next project…

ONE | We provide you with the project [do’s and don’ts] early on to inform the development of a realistic expectation and project budget.

When you hire FOUR POINT as your design-build team, the site inspection of existing conditions, project discussion and discovery, construction feasibility and analysis, design and project management will happen simultaneously from day one! The analysis and initial intake by the complete team at the onset will inform the future and ongoing development of the project as it relates to current building codes, structural integrity and the seamless development of design and construction concept, documents and build out. Determining the construction do’s and don’ts of the project right away, streamlines the entire process, potentially reducing and/or preventing overall delay, stress and cost.

This initial step also greatly reduces the overall risk of a misguided design scope, construction revisions, and project delays, and provides you with a realistic project expectation and budget keeping all members of the team involved and informed during every step of the project from on-boarding to close out. This builds trust which can ultimately save time, and reduces the potential of misunderstanding and time spent in speculation rather than reality.  Thus, the expectations and budgets are developed and managed realistically.

TWO | To reduce overall confusion, which can save you time and money and reduce stress.

By having the Four Point team on your project (general contractor, interior designer, and project manager, as well as our extended team of sub-contractors whom we’ve worked with for over 20 years) you greatly reduce the risk of miscommunication and misinterpretation during all project stages.  During the design and construction documentation phases, your project is developed in the most streamlined and efficient way possible.

With a fully integrated mindset and approach to the whole project value, we can maximize the time spent in development and save treasured time while developing conditional and situational solutions and/or construction resolutions.

THREE | To provide you with ongoing streamlined communication, expedited responses, and integrated solutions.

By determining construction feasibility during STEP ONE of the project development, and by providing ongoing immediate review and resolution of all design and construction challenges throughout the entire project, we can greatly reduce project delays and cost.  This ultimately streamlines and focuses the project stages, delivering your project on budget and on schedule.

The FOUR POINT “in-house” design, construction, and project management teams work together. We collaborate, troubleshoot, and maintain an ongoing integrated discussion during all aspects of every job to ensure that EVERY detail is accounted for.

This communication is vital to the success of every project.  When details and information are passed onto our clients in weekly project meetings, and they are involved in the ongoing transparent and all-important conversation, any issues are addressed systematically and with unique immediacy.

We hope this helps you as you embark on your project!

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