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It’s sure been quite a week, hasn’t it? I pray you are ALL hunkered down safely this weekend, and finding moments of peace and gratitude amidst such uncertainty. My prayers continue for you all and your businesses and families; for those dedicated souls providing continued public service and our country’s leadership; for our client’s safety, good health, faith, patience, and their families; for our team who are working under tremendously challenging conditions; to our communities and neighbors and those who struggle having lost work; and for our homeless brothers and sisters.  I pray you are all safe and well. Please stay home. Please seek joy. Please share, give, and serve wherever and however you can, check in on friends, and remember we are strong, smart, and capable of great things, great resiliency, and great love.


I truly believe that OPTIMISM, especially in these difficult times, is a VERY valuable survival tool. THANK YOU CA Home + Design and Andrew Joseph for this potent reminder, and for beautifully featuring our work. I invite you to LINK DIRECTLY TO THE ARTICLE HERE for a few important thoughts on positivity and navigating with optimism.

You can see more of our project HERE.

The world NEEDS beauty, solutions, and hope! We, the creatives and the entire design industry, MUST remain positive, driven, and focused. We WILL recreate, reinvent, refresh and renew. That’s what we do. 🖤 xox

As always, if you have any project questions or if you want WORK WITH US, tell us about YOUR next project and please say “HELLO” by contacting us here.  Fill out our questionnaire, and let’s get started!

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