WELCOM BACK! Let’s take a tour of our LA Based Interior Design Studio…Our Happy Place!


Ever wonder what the inner-workings and the “why” of an interior design build studio looks like, and how designer’s organize their spaces? Well, today, you will have a chance to peek inside OUR OWN STUDIO SPACE and the fabulous spaces of FIVE incredible designers and ONE powerful design industry business leader; all with wonderful unique approaches to design and organization, from different parts of the country, and all at different points of development in their journey!


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So, here we go!

Let’s start with our VERY FIRST home office.


Our first FOUR POINT interior design build studio was in our home.  In the early days, it was just Cliff and I, and was very easy and cost effective to work at home.  At the time we merged our two independent business it seemed so practical to let go of our office spaces and start our company from our new digs; together.

You can read more ABOUT US, our SERVICES, and our DESIGN PHILOSOPHY here.

What started in a small guest room, very soon turned into a pretty intense family room takeover-makeover, and before you know it, we had three full-time employees and an intern working out of our home.  It certainly was a wonderful convenience to work at home, and somehow we made it all work, until it didn’t. After three years at home, and loads of growing pains, we simply outgrew the space.  We found it increasingly difficult to create healthy home boundaries as our project roster expanded.

Here’s a look at our first family-room-turned-interior-design-studio home office.


Our little interior design company was growing up fast, and after months and months of discussions, brainstorming, and looking for new interior design studio space, we FINALLY found the PERFECT space that checked all our boxes:

  • Location. It had to be close to home so we could easily and frequently commute to home to care for our family and pets.
  • Cost:  It had to be AFFORDABLE.
  • Space: We needed enough space for us to expand over three-five years.
  • Daylight: We HAD to have a windows.
  • Parking: We required convenient parking for our clients and staff.
  • Heart: Cliff and I both had to love it.


Honestly, our studio space is magical.  (I mean, I think it actually has magical powers…LOL).  It may not be the “fanciest” of all spaces, or the “biggest”, and it may not have the most beautiful storefront, but let me tell you, it is the most wonderful place in the world and we love it so much.  And THAT, is truly all that matters.

We LOVE when clients and colleagues come in to our office and say things like, “OMG, I LOVE this space, it’s so peaceful!” or “what a GREAT office!!!”.  It’s so rewarding to know that we have built a creative space that EVERYONE loves to spend time in.  We often have our reps “stop in” to catch a little WiFi and coffee when they’re on the road or in the area (SO much better than Starbucks, and OUR donuts are FRESH), and when our clients come in for a quick meeting and stay for a “while”, it makes our hearts VERY happy.

This picture was taken during our first emotional office walk through. We were overwhelmed and so grateful for this perfect little space; we toasted, cried, and talked about new beginnings; so many dreams, possibilities, and opportunities to look forward to.

Pulling this space together took hard work, sacrifice, and clever space planning, but we always knew that THIS niche would be the perfect spot for a little kitchenette.

This beautiful Blue Dolphin marble countertop is a treasured and sentimental remnant from our first Designer Showcase House at Greystone Mansion. It is very meaningful to us both to have this installed in our first design studio.


Within the studio is this center space. We call it the production room and it has had a couple of iterations over the three years we’ve been here. This configuration has been the most productive, as it allows for three full time staff and an occasional intern to work together semi-privately with plenty of room for storage, organization and production.  I love that each side has a window, which allows the space to be flooded with daylight.

Fact: Daylight is one of the most important natural elements that, when accessed properly, can contribute directly to increased productivity and creativity in the workspace?


The front conference room welcomes guests without encroaching on company operations and productivity.  The open space is perfect for resourcing, socializing, presentations, team meetings, and lunch.

Our large conference table serves multiple duties in our studio.  We customized a simple metal base with a Caesarstone top. (L) Fresh flowers are a MONDAY MUST HAVE and it increases the happiness levels, and stimulates creativity.  Data proves that beauty, daylight, and nature are very important elements for maintaining a healthy productive work environment. (R) The large table is great for plan review, staff meetings, and presentations.


(L) This is our wall of inspiration.  Sometimes it easy to get bogged down and caught up with project and team operations, and the negativity and stress of deadlines.  This wall focuses on our success.  It reminds our team every day of our accomplishments and milestones. Below our interior design studio gallery wall is our sample rail which keeps large material samples off the floor and organized.  (R) Our extra large magnet board is the team’s FREE FOR ALL.  Whatever is creating inspiration at the moment is posted, and everyone participates in creating and updating this living vision board.


Our large sample library is kept organized with this IKEA wall system. With frequent visits from our fabulous reps, our samples stay current, relevant, and minimal.

These IKEA Alex drawers are our FAVORITE, and we configured them for double duty. By grouping them on a horizontal platform, we created additional organized compartments below for smaller sample storage. A simple countertop worked beautifully to unify the components, to create the perfect finish for a presentation credenza in our conference space.


Cliff and I share a lovely office in the back with a ginormous window.  We work face-to-face and the set up is perfect for us.  It’s a great opportunity for us to communicate and share information in an effective smooth continuous fashion.


Thanks for “hopping” with us today! We hope you liked touring our much-loved interior design studio. Stop by if your in the area, there’s always fresh coffee and wifi.


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Special thanks to my dear beautiful designer friends Carla Aston and Leslie Carothers for inviting me to be part of this fun blog hop; and for their continued powerful influence in our industry and for their glorious inspiration!

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And my dear beautiful friend and powerhouse Leslie Carothers of Savour Partnership and The Kaleidoscope Partnership, who helped to organize this blog hop with Carla Aston!

LESLIE CAROTHERS | Instagram | Design Happy Living

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    • Laura Muller on

      Hi Sarah! THANK YOU!!! It took plenty of trial and error over the years to get “organized”. So grateful for your comments! So glad you’re here! xox

    • Laura Muller on

      THANK YOU CARLA!!! And THANK YOU for inviting me! SO MUCH FUN to participate. We love IKEA (well, SOME of it…) LOL So happy to have my little piece of heaven. It’s small but perfect! Love you my friend! XOX 🙂

  1. Janet Lorusso on

    Laura, this is such a beautiful space! I love that you have the sentimental piece of marble from the project where you and Cliff first worked together, and I love that you have fresh flowers every Monday – such a wonderful small touch that makes a big difference. And what a lovely hospitable mindset you have with your open door policy for wifi and coffee! Everything about this space is gracious just like you!

    • Laura Muller on

      Hi Janet! Happy Sunday my lovely friend! Thank you so much for your comment, it means so much to me to connect! And anytime you’re EVER in LA, indeed, you are always welcome! Wifi and coffee are ALWAYS on! xox

  2. Sheri Bruneau on

    Laura, I loved seeing your crisp, clean, office space. I enjoyed the ‘walkthroguh’ and how you came up with the entire space plan with us.

    Seeing you and Cliff work across from each other must be a special treat every day.

  3. John Kelsey on

    Hey there my friend,

    It’s just so wonderful to see your home away for home. It is SO YOU and CLIFF and your story of evolution and growth is so heartwarming and inspiring. It makes us ALL believe we can succeed!


    PS: Sally and I could never work face to face. We each make too much noise!!! Well, actually we did work face to face once upon a time, a long time ago. But that’s for another story another day…

    • Laura Muller on

      Hi John!!! Oh, you crack me up! Need to hear THAT story sometime… AND thanks for the love today my friend! XOX

    • Laura Muller on

      Hi Kari! Thank you so much! SO glad it inspired you. It’s modest, magical, and pretty well organized! But the best part…it WORKS and we LOVE it. XOX

    • Laura Muller on

      Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for connecting! I agree, white is calming and inspiring at the same time. It really helps keep things organized as well! So glad you liked the post! It means the world to us to connect with you! xox

    • Laura Muller on

      And Thank YOU so much Lanna for commenting and connecting! It means the world to us when we can engage! xox


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